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2)Search engine marketing (SEM)
3)Content marketing
4)Social Media Marketing (SMM)
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Welcome to Target My PPC

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The 7 big categories of online marketing are:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine marketing (SEM)

Content marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Affiliate marketing


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Google has probably made one of the biggest announcement in history of adwords earlier this year. With only a few days remaining enhanced campaign roll out will be completed and all campaigns which were on legacy settings will be automatically upgraded to enhanced settings. These changes are based on a research concluded by Google in August,12. Research summary can be read from here. 
This will have both short term and long term effects. In short term competition will be reshuffled and advertisers have to embrace new features whether they like it or not. Google is going in right direction and it will do whatever possible to insure its vision. 
Now lets see how it will impact an average advertiser. Advertisers can be divided in two categories:
  1. Who target mobile devices and
  2. Who target desktops/laptops only.
Enhanced campaign will have different impact for both categories:
1) Target Mobile Device : Earlier advertisers who were into creating mobile only ads/campaigns now can't do that. As in enhanced campaigns even if you choose mobile preferred ads they will still be displaying on other devices. Now the question arises why Google is doing this? It might rob mobile advertisers the control they used to have. Answer is simple: Google always know better. From the study mentioned above it can be said that users who are searching on mobile might go to their desktop/laptop and convert their. So its necessary for the advertisers to keep them engaged on other devices also. 
Also if my guess is correct Google will be displaying mobile preferred ads to users who have searched for similar keywords using their mobile devices or seen your ad on mobile devices. This totally makes sense is done in favor of both advertisers and users.
2) Target Desktop/laptop : With the advent of Enhanced campaigns Google has made some other radical changes also in their adwords policies. Now an ad text can't carry a phone number, yes they are banned now. Instead Google advises to use call extensions in their campaign. This change in policy has adversely impacted many advertisers who have "Call Us" as a CTA. Now as numbers can't be displayed in ads and call extensions are not easily noticeable users who are looking for a number over internet are finding it difficult to do so. Now this policy change has been made in keeping in eye the shifting search volume from desktop/laptop towards mobile devices. Mobile telephony has made tremendous growth in last few years and now a user can have all features provided in laptop/desktop in their mobile devices. Naturally this step was inevitable. 
Apart from this desktop advertisers can still target non-mobile devices by using bid modification. This is the only good news for these kind of advertisers.
Now comes the solution part.
For Mobile advertisers : They can only get things back to normal or improve it by doing a close monitoring of their campaigns. With enhanced campaign allowing more control at granular level, things will become little complex and more diligence will be required to find intelligent targeting and beneficial bidding strategies.
For Desktop advertisers : Its a wake up call for all advertisers as Google itself has signaled a shifting trend towards more users searching from mobile devices. Now they need to re-target their strategy towards mobile users. Mobile users are the same users who use laptop/desktop for searching information and for other activities. Bridging the search gap between different devices and providing seamless search results on all devices for a single user intent were important from all three points if view i.e. Google, Users and advertisers. 

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